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Welcome to Ωmega

We have long awaited the arrival of a fully functioning website so here we finally are.

Ωmega has had some ups and downs over the years and we hope this to help us have an up year.
We will be posting guides and setting up clan events and functions to help get us organized.

As we get organized we will expect our clan to act accordingly.
While we will not force you to do anything you do not wish to do we will expect when you do something you do it right.

Remember you represent your clan when you show up to fights and battlefields so make your clan proud while earning yourself a reputation as a strong player.

We will help you with your goals but keep in mind nothing in life is free and we have no use for money with some things, instead we will need you provide us with loyalty and reputation items to help your brothers in arms become stronger too.

All this being said we hope for you all to enjoy your stay and thrive as a clan after all we are Ωmega we are the end.

Before you go and explore the website we also have a video made featuring the clan for a contest that took place a few years ago hope you enjoy and shout out to bigniall666 who did the editing and was kind enough to post it on youtube for us.

Thank you!

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